Mykonos Or Ibiza? You Be The Court

An inquiry we get asked quite often is, "Should we go to Mykonos or Ibiza"? There appears to be some kind of inter island competition. So, this year Kim as well as I chose to do both islands back to back and also see which we liked far better.
I'll cut to the chase. Kim and I personally like Mykonos better!
Allow's speak a little concerning Ibiza first ...
Remarkably, Ibiza is method prettier compared to I believed in some areas as well as means dirtier than I thought in others. As a number of you most likely recognize Ibiza is a CRAZY celebration spot. I indicate non stop partying. It never ever, ever before, ever, ends! It's like some type of scientific research experiment to see how much time you could do without sleep. It's completely over the top nuts!That claimed, I do however assume it's totally worth it to head to Ibiza (and also I would go again). You just need to recognize what you're getting involved in. Ibiza is mainly 20-something doing medications and also partying until they drop. The health centers literally establish up IV drips outside clubs in order to help over indulgers back on their feet.
Ibiza is an overall digital music town. Ibiza scores the most significant headlining DJ's in the globe. They were all remarkable programs as well as absolutely worth seeing.So why is Mykonos much better you're most likely asking?
OK, right here's the point - various other than the partying, I didn't discover Ibiza to be as beautiful as Mykonos or have as much to provide like excellent restaurants and fantastic culture.Yes, Ibiza is really pretty in places. I believed the Blue Marlin beach club was lovely. Aside from a couple of places occasionally, I just really did not it assume it was as attractive as Mykonos. I know there are attractive out-of-the-way spots like Formentera yet we only remained in Ibiza appropriate so I cannot truly comment on that.
Having 2000 ravers outside your door every evening up until midnight is insane! link But this, my close friends, is Ibiza! We liked Ibiza as well as will certainly be back for sure. All in all, Ibiza is a very close 2nd to Mykonos.
Now let's speak a bit regarding Mykonos ...
Mykonos has all of the above positives that Ibiza does and and also much more! If you love headlining DJ's, there are even more compared to you'll have time or power to see.
There is simply that intangible thing that you can not place your finger on with Mykonos. Well, it's the Greek individuals. They are exceptionally cozy caring and also kind also in the midst of the crazy recession that they remain in.
Right here's just what I mean - The hotel we remain in is called The Andronikos Hotel. It's run by Marco Andronikos and Elena Alexandri. These 2 know ways to run a hotel! I could not state enough good ideas regarding this place. The Andronikos resort has this excellent blend, making you seem like you belong to a fantastic Greek household and staying in a hip resort with real (not manufactured) soul.

Our friends, Elsa and Gianni of Mykonos Exclusive turned us on to this location. Elsa and also Gianni are the King as well as Queen of Mykonos.
Truthfully, whether you opt to most likely to Mykonos or Ibiza, you will have an amazing time. There's no doubt about that. If you should select in between the two islands I claim Opa! Go to Mykonos!

A question we get asked pretty often is, "Should we go to Mykonos or Ibiza"? Allow's chat a little about Ibiza first ...
Interestingly, Ibiza is way prettier than I thought assumed some areas and way means than I thought in others. OK, below's the point - various other compared to the partying, I really did not locate Ibiza to be as lovely as Mykonos or have as much to offer like excellent restaurants as well as great culture.Yes, Ibiza is extremely pretty in places. Now allow's speak a bit regarding Mykonos ...
Mykonos has all of the above positives that Ibiza does and and also much a lot! Honestly, whether you choose to go to Mykonos or Ibiza, you will have an outstanding time.

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